Every day I open my eyes is a day that I will try to get better.

Late post from yesterday. Finna bang out these legs in a few. Get better every day.

Preaching my 1st sermon this Sunday!! Hype! its amazing how God is using my raggedy behind lol.

I’m working. Editing vids. Shootaztouchfilms@gmail.com.com

Have a great weekend everyone! Headed to the studio to chop up some business! “Same you” video shoot is tomorrow! If you are interested in being a part DM me.

My mama dropped me on my head as a baby I swear 😂

Phsical strength is good. Spiritual strength is more important. Pray for my family as we’re going through a few battles. But we know that its nothing that god can’t handle! Head up and chest out ladies @lucy_lashae1510 @nitaapplebumxoxo. I am proud of the women y’all have become. *you can’t shine like a diamond until you are willing to be cut like one”.

New video posted. Click the link in my bio.

Fitness photoshoot in a few weeks. This is stage one of the cutting cycle. I hope my bro @orlandojustme is getting right Or you’ll be ugly on camera.