Last touch up workout before arena tryouts Saturday. Quick 10 reps on 225lbs and one rep at 315lbs. Its almost showtime!!!


You worked as hard as you complained?

People in america realize that what is going on in our nation is not a “black vs. White” thing but rather a “good vs. Evil” thing. The devil is working. Stop hating your fellow brother because he skin is a different color. A white man kills a black boy? DEAD wrong. A black man kills a black man? WRONG. A Mexican kills an Asian? WRONG. The devil simply knows what a race war would do to this country. Be aware.


You stopped blaming everyone else for your struggles and accepted responsibility for your actions?

We taught our young men that a real man is loyal to one woman? And above all… That young man should love God.

You kept your clothes on and stopped taking naked pictures for Instagram? 100 likes = $0. What if mean treated you the way you portrayed yourself on social media? If you’re promoting your booty on Instagram… Why wouldn’t a guy believe he can hit? #IJS

You stopped “wishing” for it and started “working” for it?

You took the money that you regularly spend on the newest shoes, weed, alcohol, “being fly”, and invested it into something positive for yourself? Like stocks, a savings account, higher education or donated some of the proceeds to a good cause?